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Various Awards from the iVillage Community

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Pick of the Litter

Trivia Door Prize

100 Posts Pet Homepages

Indoor Cat Participation Award

Pet Homepage Prize

Sporting Dogs Participation Award

Hounds Participation Award

Hounds Pretty Paws Participation Award

Reptiles & Amphibians Caption Contest Award

Animal Adoption & Rescue Contest 1st Place Award

Reptiles Caption Contest Participation Award

Needle & Thread Winner

Pretty Paws - 1st Place

Reptile Contest Participation Award

Costume Door Prize

Pet Homepages V-Day Participation Award

Halloween Participation Award

Funniest Costume Award

Pet Homepages Easter Participation Award

Cutest Costume Winner

Halloween Award

Halloween Participation Award

Pet Homepages 1st Place Easter Award

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Pet Adoption & Rescue Caption Contest

Friendship Award