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Emmy 2001

Emmy & Donna 2001

Donna & Emmy

Emmy & I had our portrait taken in November 2001.  She was a very good model!  Wish I could say the same about her Mother!!

Emmy - Christmas 2001
Emmy in Christmas Scarf
Emmy showing off her Christmas scarf

Emmy - Christmas 2001
Emmy's Classic Sit
Emmy doing her classic sit position with one paw up!

Emmy &Toys

Emmy with favorite toys: Snake, Bone, Squeaker

Emmy has a big collection of toys and she knows where everyone of them is - outside. She always goes out to pick the choice of the moment to bring inside to play with - any toys with squeakers are a huge hit!

Emmy's Classic Sleep Position

Emmy's favorite bed

Emmy loves this tiny bed! Unfortunately she recently decided to rip off the lining and shred the foam so no more bed! She keeps looking for it too - I guess she hasn't figured out cause and effect!

Emmy - Happy & Worn Out

Emmy is all worn out and happy from playing all day at doggie day care!

Emmy with Santa 2001
Emmy with Santa
Emmy does NOT think this is fun! LOL!

Emmy celebrates her first birthday at It's a Ruff Life, her doggie day care.

Emmy's First Birthday Party

Emmy & pals at Doggie Day Care

Emmy & Pals at Doggie Day Care

Because I work all day, I decided that Emmy needed play time, socialization and just plain fun, so I take her to It's A Ruff Life Dog Daycare & Activity Center where she gets to play to her hearts content twice a week.

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